Windows Tip: Adding Batch/Cmd files to taskbar in Windows 7

I recently had the need to add a batch file to my Windows 7 taskbar and realized I couldn’t drag and drop it anymore. But I finally figured a way to do it, here you go:

1. Rename your *.cmd/*.bat to to .exe
2. Right click on the *.exe and now you should see an option to “pin to taskbar”. Select it.
3. Now you can rename your .exe file back to .bat/.cmd
4. Shift+right click the new created taskbar icon and choose properties
5. Change the reference from *.exe to *.cmd/*.bat and change icon as needed
6. Now you should have a working shortcut to your batch/cmd file in your taskbar.

NOTE: If you change the default icon, you will need a reboot to see your new icon.

Hope this helps.

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